Say you are turning 65 in a few months. If you are drawing on your Social Security and receiving your monthly Social Security checks, then in most cases you don’t need to do anything. You will receive your Medicare card in the mail approximately 3 months prior to the month of your birthday. Once you receive your Medicare card it will show your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B effective dates. These dates, in most cases, start on the 1st of the month in the month of your birthday. By keeping your Medicare card you are saying that you do want to participate in the Medicare program. If you decide you don’t want to participate in Medicare Part B then you must return your card. When it comes to opting out of Medicare Part B you could be subject to a penalty of 10% per month of the Medicare Premium for every month you are not on Medicare Part B. If you choose to keep your Medicare insurance, you will now need to explore your options in regards to insurance to compliment your Medicare coverage. You can explore Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans to see what is going to best fit your needs. You will also need to explore Medicare Part D options. If you don’t enroll in a Medicare Part D plan, you will also be subject to a penalty. Once you have secured your Medicare Benefits, you will have a total of 7 months to look at insurance plans. You have 3 months prior to your Part A and Part B effective date. The month of your birthday, and 3 months after.

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