We often get questions about Medicare cards. Sometimes they get lost, you have a name change, or you may be getting ready to receive your first one. Here are some of the basics regarding Medicare cards.

New to Medicare?

You will receive your Medicare card in the mail 3 months prior to eligibility. The Medicare card will include your name, Medicare claim number, the type of coverage you have (Part A, Part B, or both), and the date your coverage starts.

Lost Your Card?

If you lose or damage your Medicare card, you can obtain a replacement card from Social Security one of the following ways. You can order a Medicare card by Phone or Online.

  • Your last (exact) payment amount or the month and year you last received a payment if you have received benefits in the last 12 months.
  • Your phone number in case they need to contact you about your request
  • Your e-mail address (optional)
  • Your Place of Birth
  • Your name as it appears on your Social Security card
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Mother’s Maiden Name (to help identify you)

If you need proof right away that you have Medicare, contact your local Social Security Office or call the toll-free number at 1-800-772-1213.

If you have additional questions, you can always call us at Columbia River Insurance Services. We have experienced Medicare agents available to assist you in Vancouver, Washington and in Portland, Oregon. You may reach us in Vancouver at 360-883-5776. Our address in Vancouver is 1503 NE 78th Street Suite 1A, Vancouver, Wash., 98665. You may also contact us in Portland at 503-382-9091. Our address in Portland is 12604 SE Stark Street, Portland, Ore., 97233.