A Business Insurance Update

If you think about it, your business faces risks every day.  When you open your doors, you have the risk of having sick or injured employees, customer complainants, and vendors who fail to deliver on their promises.  The world has changed in the past few years and it is important for business owners to make sure their business insurance keeps up.

Recently a large insurer released their annual business risk index. This index identified the top concerns of over 1,000 business owners.  Nearly half of survey respondents believe that the business world is growing riskier, yet just 24 percent said that risk management was a strategic priority for them.

According to the survey, the top seven worries of today’s business owners across all industries are:

  • Medical cost inflation
  • Increasing employee benefits costs
  • Legal liability
  • Broad economic uncertainties
  • Tech and data/cyber risks
  • Complying with laws
  • Attracting and retaining talent

Source: Business News Daily

Let our agency help you understand how to manage and treat the risks.  We offer a wide range of highly rated insurers that can offer the necessary products to help your manage you risks.

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