Medicare Enrollment Dates for upcoming 2015 MEDICARE “ANNUAL ELECTION PERIOD”- (AEP)

The Medicare enrollment dates for this coming year are Oct 15th, 2014 through December 7th, 2014, also know as AEP or annual election period. What can you do during this time frame? Lets say that during the year 2014 you were on a Medicare Advantage plan such as Regence Blue Cross and during this time you had chosen this plan based on your needs and health status. But now things have changed and you’re really not sure that this plan you had during 2014 is going to be the best for you during 2015. During the Medicare enrollment period you will be able to do some research and evaluate if this still is the best plan for you. If it isn’t, then you can decide that you want to make a change. You will need to change plans between the dates of October 15th through December 7th. However your new chosen plan will not begin until Jan.01, 2015. I run across Medicare Beneficiaries each day that don’t realize even with health conditions you are able to change plans and still be fully covered. When you are on a Medicare Advantage plan there are only a few qualifying questions.

It’s also during this time that if you have been on a Medicare Advantage plan that you can also evaluate Medicare Supplements plan or also known as Medicare Medigap plans. However under most circumstances Medicare Supplements do require that you qualify for the plan and will require being underwritten. Unless you have a qualifying event that exempts you from needed to qualify or turning 65.


 JANUARY 1ST, 2015 – FEBRUARY 14TH, 2015

During these dates, if you are not happy with your current Medicare Advantage Plan. You can dis-enroll during this time period and go back to original Medicare and pick up on just a stand alone Medicare Part D drug benefit. Though it’s very important to evaluate if this is the best move to make.

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