Employee Wellness Can Be Good For your Employees And Your Company

For years, employers have struggled with the idea of wellness programs.  Some employers think that wellness programs are too expensive or just don’t work because employees will do what they want during off time.  However, according to the latest studies, an inactive employee will cost as much as $1,500 more per year than an active employee.  Twenty-seven percent of medical claims can be related to inactivity, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  The CDC report encourages employers who are serious about lowering health care costs, to encourage a more active lifestyle for their employees. The CDC research says that every $1.00 invested in physical activity leads to $3.20 in medical cost savings.

  • Wellness Benefits For Employers
  • Reduced absenteeism by 32% on average.
  • Reduced health care costs by 30% on average.
  • Increased productivity by 52%.
  • Happier workforce.
  • Connected and energized workforce.

How To Start An Employee Wellness Program

  • Determine your needs.
  • Create a simple plan.
  • Include incentives

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