It is the time of the year when parents and college students start gearing up for the next college semester. We hope your students are headed off to college. As parents you worry about many things including the safety of your children. Insurance may not be on your top ten list of things to consider, but it should be.

One of the most important things your student will need at school is something that doesn’t have to be packed – the right insurance coverage. Here is a list of some of the items you might consider before your college student heads of the University.

Is Your Student Renting An Apartment?

If your child is renting a home or apartment with others, you may want to consider a renters policy. We usually recommend a separate renters as this will keep any liability separate from your individual policy. The apartment manager may also require renters insurance.

Personal Property Such As Expensive Computers

Depending on the value, items like clothes and computers should be covered under your homeowner’s policy. If your student has an expensive computer, smart phone, tablet, jewelry or other items you might not be covered. Most homeowner’s policies have limitations on items valued at over $1,200. This will depend on your individual policy, we recommend contacting your independent agent.

Personal Liability

This coverage is provided anywhere the student goes, inside the U.S.A.  Your student would be covered under your current homeowner’s policy or even a renter’s policy if one is in place.

Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S. College students are very active in online activity, including shopping. Protecting financial records, credit card information and student records is important. Students are often victims of identity theft as they tend not to check their credit information.

Personal Umbrella

It might be a good idea to purchase a personal umbrella during the time your student is attending college. The umbrella policy would provide higher limits just in case there is a serious liability issue. An extra $1,000,000 of coverage can go a long way and provide added peace of mind.

What Auto Insurance?

If your student takes their car to college, you need to call your insurance company. Depending on where they attend college you may have to make changes to meet minimum coverage requirements for that state, which may impact your premiums.


Children can remain on your health policy until the age of 26.  Many colleges will offer student health insurance at a very reasonable cost. Here are some good options to consider

  1. Stay on the parents group plan
  2. Purchase health insurance form the college or university
  3. Sign up for Obamacare (subject to some limitations)
  4. Depending on your income situation you may be eligible for Medicaid

Some colleges may have specific insurance requirements, so check with admissions office to make sure your student is covered. We recommend you contact our independent insurance agent to discuss your individual needs. Having the right insurance coverage can help give you peace of mind, knowing you and your child is protected.