2503, 2017

From Two Incomes To One

How to Adjust to the Loss of an Income Provider

Most families depend on two incomes to make ends meet.  If your spouse died suddenly, could your family continue to meet all their financial obligations—from paying rent or the mortgage, to daily living expenses?  Could your family continue their standard of living […]

2003, 2017

An Auto Insurance Update

No one wants to get into an auto accident, but when you do, it is nice to have auto insurance to help you through the aggravation.  Auto insurance can come in many different forms, and we can design an auto insurance policy for your needs that offers you the best possible combination […]

1203, 2017

Looking Back On The Changing Business Insurance & Risk Landscape

How Business Risks Have Changed

Business risks have certainly changed over the past few years.  But just think about how much they have changed over the past 30 years! Business insurance is designed to protect the business from unforeseen losses.  As the risk landscape changes, so must your business insurance.

Here are examples of how the workplace, […]

503, 2017

Commercial Insurance Offers Real Solutions

Commercial Insurance 101

If you own or manage a business, you know how important it is to keep your operation running smoothly. There is nothing worse than an interruption in your business that may cause you to under deliver products or services to your customers. One very important parts of running a company, is ensuring that […]

2802, 2017

We Think Of Insurance as a Promise

Business and personal insurance update

Many people look at insurance as a commodity, like buying car or a piece of furniture.  Consequently, they become caught up in searching for the lowest price for the “product of insurance.”  Insurance is less of a commodity, and more of a promise or service.

Promise vs. product

Insurance is a promise from […]

902, 2017

Predictions For Small Businesses in 2017

A Business Insurance Update

2017 is set to be a very good year for small businesses.  With the new administration, you can count on many business-friendly policies and administrative rules that will help small businesses. In addition, many communities are promoting local businesses. Finally, there will be a number of large retailers closing their doors in […]

2201, 2017

Go Where The Pros Go… Columbia River Insurance

A Business Insurance Update

Most businesses purchase general liability insurance to protect the business against certain kinds of claims. These claims could include bodily injury and property damage. Professional Liability insurance, also called Errors and Omissions insurance, protects against a claim from a third party who suffers a financial loss because of services or actions.  Any […]

1201, 2017

Top Insurance Tips For 2017

Personal Insurance Update

As we begin a new year, one thing on most people’s “to do list,” is buying home insurance and auto insurance.  When it comes to personal insurance, you want to be adequately covered if you do have a claim, but you do not want to pay more than you should.  We recommend that […]

601, 2017

Contractor’s Professional Insurance

Business Insurance 101

According to the International Risk Management Institute, contractors, project owners, and project professionals are increasingly interested in the niche market of Contractor’s Professional Liability Insurance (CPLI).  Yet, less than half of all contractors in need of the coverage are buying it.  Why is that? It might be that contractors don’t fully understand what […]

2312, 2016

Does Your Business Need To Be Updated?

Business Insurance Update

Business insurance is designed to protect your business operations from potential loss. However, in order to protect your business with the best combination of coverage, price, and service, you need to understand what business risks you have.  Then we can design a business insurance program to meet your needs.  If, and when, risk […]