A Home Insurance Update

Your home is your most significant investment, so it pays to protect your investment with homeowners insurance.  Homeowners insurance offers many coverage benefits besides just replacement or repair to your home and personal property.  Your homeowners insurance can also cover your personal liability, the cost of temporary housing and much more.  However, there are times when your homeowner’s insurance premiums may go up.  We thought it would be important to outline some of the things that might cause your premiums to increase.


Some dog breeds are going to cost you more, as some breeds are proven more aggressive.  You will pay more if you own one of these breeds.  Make sure your agent knows the breed of your dog so they can get the best price possible.

Swimming Pools

If you own a swimming pool, you are going to pay more for your homeowners insurance.  Pools are fun entertainment, but insurance companies see them as additional risk.  More risk means higher premiums.

Location of Your Home

The location of your home is essential in determining your premiums.  The closer you are to a fire station and fire hydrant, the lower your premium may be.

Marital Status

Married people file fewer claims and therefore may benefit by having lower home insurance premiums.

Natural Disasters

If your region or area has suffered from floods, wildfire, or some other natural disaster, everyone is likely to pay more.  Insurance is based on providing insurance protection to a large number of people for a small amount of money.  If insurers pay out more than the average due to natural disaster, they may need to increase rates for a short time.

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