2811, 2017

“My Business Does Not Need Business Insurance” – Think Again After You Read This

If you own or operate a business, commercial insurance needs to be part of your business plan.  If not properly insured, your business most likely will not withstand the effects of a common loss.  Business insurance, or commercial insurance, is designed to protect your business from accidents and loss.

Your business can […]

1111, 2017

Don’t Let the Company Holiday Party Turn Into an Employment Claim

Company Holiday Parties Increase Risks

Your company Holiday party was going great, and everyone was having a wonderful time.  Except one of the female employees said that a manager touched her and made un-wanted advances.  Now she is filing an employment liability claim.  This is a scenario that no one wants to happen.

Your business insurance many […]

911, 2017

Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period

This year the Medicare enrollment is set for 2018. What this means is that between October 15, 2017 through December 7, 2017, you will have the opportunity to look at the market place to see which Medicare Advantage plans, or gap plans, are available for year 2018.

During the Medicare Open Enrollment period, it can become […]